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Quarq TyreWiz

Quarq TyreWiz
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TyreWiz is the first-of-its-kind tire pressure sensor for riders of mountain bikes and road bikes. Lightweight, durable, and powered by a long-lasting user-replaceable coin cell battery, TyreWiz monitors air pressure in real-time and relays the data to a cycling computer or a smartphone. The TyreWiz app uses that data to deliver personalized recommendations and pressure alerts. For the first time, riders have access to highly accurate real-time tire pressure data to make decisions that can affect rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort.

- TyreWiz is the first real-time tire pressure sensor for bicycle riders
- Designed for all bike riders, regardless of their experience or bike’s intended use
- Works with any tire that uses a removable Presta-style valve core: both tube and tubeless, and tires with anti-flat sealant
- Data can be read on a cycling computer or smartphone with the app for iOS and Android
- Smartphone app displays personalized recommendations, current tire pressure, and low/high-pressure alerts
- Retail package includes two sensors, batteries, and a valve core removal tool
- Use it for every ride to find the perfect combination of tire, wheel, and pressure in changing terrain and conditions
- Include LED lights to indicate when pressure is outside the target range
- Designed for road and mountain bike riders
- Personalized tire recommendations in the smartphone app for iOS and Android
- NFC pairing for fast and easy connection by BLE to a phone
- Data reported with +/- 2% accuracy at .1 PSI resolution
- Broadly compatible with tires that use a removable Presta-style valve core
- Inexpensive, user-replaceable CR1632 battery lasts for 300 hours
- IPX7 dustproof/waterproof rating
- Box includes valve core removal tool for installation