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Road or Gravel? 5 miles or 5 hours? Climb or Descend? Acoustic or Electric? Suffer or Smile? Electrolytes or Beer?

Always Espresso.

Solo or Group? Attack or Draft? More power or less weight?

This isn’t about having to choose. This is about having it all.


Ride anywhere with the unmatched efficiency and range-to-weight ratio of the SL 1.2 system and geometry that delivers spirited handling on any road.

SuperNatural Amplification

33% more power, 43% more torque, and the most natural feeling amplification in the world, personalized with the total control of the Specialized App.


All-new Future Shock 3.0 and generous tire clearance for a smooth ride with maximum confidence on paved passes and gravel tracks.

SO LIGHT, YOU'LL FORGET IT'S ELECTRIC Category Defying Capability

Specialized started with their super light FACT 11r carbon, then gave the all-new Creo 2 a geometry that’s ideal for dreamy days on the road, rough days in the gravel, and everything in between. Add in the increased power, torque, and unbeaten range-to-weight of the SL 1.2 system, mounts for racks, fenders, and a third bottle cage, and the Creo 2 is not just the most capable drop bar bike ever made—it’s the lightest in its class.

All-New Specialized SL 1.2 Motor Silent But Deadly

Riding far with a lively feel requires light weight and epic range. The SL 1.2 is the most efficient e-bike system in the world, unlocking maximum range-to-weight. It delivers 33% more power (320 Watts) than its predecessor with a supernatural feel, while 43% more torque (50Nm) makes quick work of the steepest hills. Sure, the SL 1.2 system makes a big statement, but it’s so quiet you won’t hear it.


320 Watts 


Up to 28mph 


Up to 5 Hours

Efficiency Chart

SL1.2 System: Most Efficient in Its Class

Industry leading efficiency delivers more range at less weight. 35% more efficient than the TQ system at a cadence of 90rpm, to be exact.

Big Tires, No PenaltiesIt's Time to Re-Tire

What happens when the power of the Creo 2 meets our lightweight and ultra-efficient high-volume tires? Rough roads, meet magic carpet. So go ahead and enjoy the 47c Tracers, or even bump it up to 2.2” tires for gravel capability. Creo 2 will still fly on the road and carve in the dirt.

From Road to GravelRide Anywhere, Regret Nowhere

Designed to provide a confident and nimble ride on smooth pavement, broken roads, and even rough gravel, Creo 2’s progressive geometry defies categories. Compared to its predecessor, Creo 2 has a slacker head tube angle, a lower bottom bracket, and a shorter stem, and is tuned specifically for high-volume tires to rail pavement corners and deliver stability on rough terrain.

Capability Continues Only Your Imagination Will Overload

Creo 2 is built to go anywhere and bring what you need. With multiple mounting options for front, rear, low-rider racks, and our optional Range Extender, you can load it up for the long haul. Attach fenders with up to a 47c tire, keeping the mud at bay, and easily find confidence on tough descents with its dropper post compatibility.

There's An App for ThatUnleash Your Dream Ride

‘It’s You, Only Faster’ is born from Specialized’s integrated Turbo E-bike management. Customize power delivery, tune it for range, lock the system to deter thieves, and get instant feedback on system health with the Specialized App. Only Turbo E-bike management can deliver this one-of-a-kind advanced personalization and natural ride by designing every aspect of the system. Totally connected. Fully in-sync. Have it all.

Turbo SL 1.2

Why is the SL1.2 System the heart of the Creo 2’s incredible capability? Creo 2 Product Manager, John Cordoba, discusses efficiency, power, and where our ‘supernatural’ pedal feel comes from.

Future Shock 3.0

Why is Future Shock 3.0 so critical to Creo 2 ride quality? Creo 2 Product Manager, John Cordoba, explains why e-bikes must be made stiff and how Future Shock smooths out all the bumps.

Massive Tire Clearance

Clearance for up to 29 x 2.2” tires on a drop bar bike? Wild, we know. But John Cordoba, Creo 2 Product Manager, explains how much better the ride is with high-volume rubber on any surface, thanks to the SL 1.2 system.