MICHELIN PROTEK TIRES - Durability - Speed - Traction


Durable Michelin Protek tires prevent flats.

You Deserve a Little Protection

All you want to do is have fun on your bike. Sometimes it can feel like broken glass, looming rain, and cavernous potholes are conspiring against you. MICHELIN® Protek tires are your first line of defense against these inconveniences—providing the durability, security, and speed you need to hop on your bike and take every day by storm. These bicycle tires have rugged puncture protection, high-visibility reflective sidewalls, sure-footed all-weather tread pattern, and a price that won’t cut into your coffee budget. With these tires on your bike, every ride can be safe and fun, just the way you want.

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Protek Urban

Lightest and fastest MICHELIN® protek tire

MICHELIN® Protek Urban

The MICHELIN® Protek Urban is Michelin’s fastest city tire, featuring rubber compounds from their high-end road tires. With bead to bead flat protection and excellent grip in wet conditions, the MICHELIN® Protek Urban is the tire that can keep up with the fastest commute.

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Protek Max

Low-rolling resistance - maximum flat protection

MICHELIN® Protek Max

Stack on the miles with the MICHELIN® Protek Max. This long-lasting tire features the tread pattern from the MICHELIN® Protek along with a super durable 5mm puncture protection layer for maximum flat resistance. The smooth, siped tread rolls fast and grips the road well in wet conditions.

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Protek Cross

Fast-rolling, multi-terrain tire

MICHELIN® Protek Cross

Stay in control on less-than-optimal roads thanks to the MICHELIN® Protek Cross tire’s deeply recessed tread design and 1mm puncture protection ply underneath. Roll with confidence knowing this tire is optimized for gravel and multi-terrain use.

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Protek CrossMax

Max protection - multi-terrain

MICHELIN® Protek Cross Max

The MICHELIN® Protek Cross Max features a deeply recessed tread design with the security of a 5mm puncture protection ply underneath. Put in big miles on your commuter rig without worrying about durability or a worn-out tread with one of Michelin’s longest-lasting commuter tires.

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Our most popular commuter and fitness tire


This city tire features a smooth, siped tread that rolls fast and grips well in wet conditions. With a 1mm puncture protection ply underneath the tread and reflective strips on the sidewalls, the MICHELIN® Protek is an affordable tire with all the features you want.

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