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Please call to verify bike and component inventory. 

Due to high demand for bikes and components, availability on our website may not reflect current stock.

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Life is about more than getting from one place to the next. At Civia we believe there is richness in the space between, and that biking is a better way to see your city. For us riding is simply about enjoyment, whether it’s a casual loop around the neighborhood or riding to dinner with friends. That’s why we design beautiful, comfortable, affordable bikes that help you discover what’s just around the corner. Civia. Enjoy the ride.

It’s your neighborhood. Explore it in style on the colorful and sleek Civia Lowry. Discover your favorite hot spot, track down that dive bar you’ve been hearing about, stumble upon those hidden gems known only to the locals. The Lowry’s lightweight aluminum frame makes the lift from apartment to pavement a breeze. With the Lowry, comfort is key as our wide range of sizes accommodates most adults. In fact, our smaller sizes even use smaller wheels for an especially dialed but supremely styled fit. Enjoy the ride.